Turkey in a Brown Bag

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Turkey in a Brown Bag
1 Plain Brown Paper Bag
1 Fresh Turkey 
Prepared Stuffing, Cooled
2 Sticks of Softened Butter
2 Boxes of Turkey or Chicken Broth / Stock
Stapler to seal bag

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Butter entire inside of bag thoroughly, leaving no dry spots. Heavily Salt entire inside of the buttered bag and set aside. Line counter top work area with Parchment, Wax or Butcher Paper.  Remove Giblets and Neck, rinse with cool water, add to small sauce pan, cover with broth and cook on low covered until Turkey is done. Add additional liquid as needed. Rinse Turkey thoroughly with cool water and drain well. Thoroughly pat dry Turkey (this will allow the butter to stick to Turkey). Place Turkey on covered surface area and stuff both openings with cooled prepared stuffing then coat thoroughly with softened Butter covering all areas.  Be sure to tuck wings behind Turkey and also cover with Butter.  Salt all areas of Turkey thoroughly and place inside of Buttered brown bag with legs facing opening.  Staple bag opening shut remembering to place staples close together to get a good seal. Place rack inside roasting pan and add broth / stock to pan to approx. 1 inch deep.  Place bagged Turkey on rack in Roasting Pan and put in oven on lower level.  Bake according to Turkey size. Be sure to check and add additional liquid as needed.  Enjoy!


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  • I heard about this technique years ago but never knew anyone who tried it. Maybe will try it one day with a smaller turkey. Happy Thanksgiving.

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