Help us locate Sgt James E Webb

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Help us locate Sgt James E Webb or his family.

 While cleaning out an attic of a vacant home we found some items (shown below) from a Marine Sgt that we would love to get back to him or his family with everyone’s help. Please comment below any information and share around the net where ever possible. Some of the items are shown below in the photos that consist of a signed poster by multiple Marine personal, Certificates, Badges, Patches, etc.

If you have any information that will help share it in the comments below. Also if you have shared this anywhere around the net post a share link in the comments. Others might be on the same website and want to share your post from yours. 🙂 

One item is this 19″ x 25″ poster signed by many different Marines. 
It says Presented to 
Sgt. James E Webb 
July 2003 – April 2006
IMG E6379
IMG E6384
IMG E6385
IMG E6386
IMG E6387
IMG E6388
IMG E6389
IMG E6390
IMG E6391 
A box of records, photos, certificates, badges, boots etc
IMG E6393
IMG E6394
IMG E6396
IMG E6397
A book of certificates and photos
IMG E6398
IMG E6410
IMG E6399
IMG E6401
IMG E6404
IMG E6408
IMG E6409

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